Mols Organic

The Mols Organic product range and its flavours are inspired by Mols, one of Denmark’s most beautiful National Parks.
We created Mols Organic to give you a taste of the experience right outside our door: the sweet, crisp air of the clear lakes and protected fjords, rich fragrances from rolling pastures and moors, and the clean freshness of birch forests and gardens.

We produce a range of confectionery pieces and bars with fillings of marzipan, soft nougats, truffel and fruit fillings. Bulk packed or presented in attractive gift packagings.

Our chocolates are all handmade and produced to order, securing the longest possible shelf life and the optimal organoleptic experience.

Mols Organic ApS

Vrinners Bygade 45
8420  Knebel
Tel:+ 45 86 69 49 66