Organic Human

Organic Human is a unique and natural contribution to a healthier life style. We believe in all natural, clean and simplicity. We know that is that a vibrant health, good energy and balance come from within.

This is the reason why all our products are developed on a very careful and accurate mixture of natural 100% organic ingredients to gather the correct combination of minerals,vitamins, proteins and antioxidants from all over the world, to match the body.

– just for you. –

Our goal is to make your choices as simple and easy as possible to pick and choose exactly the products that match your lifestyle. In our assortment, you will easily find exactly what you need. Perhaps it’s a quick boost on the go, or perhaps it’s a daily supplement to your daily routine and lifestyle.

No matter what you choose, we promise you that you are taken well care of with a product series free of e- numbers, there is no added sugar and no additives.

For here and now results, it is all about feeling better and energized, and in the long run, it is really all about a healthier lifestyle, joy and happiness. Happiness from the knowledge that you are choosing something pure and good for you – and for our nature.

Organic Human ”The good life”

slow drink

Slow drink - an organic juice, and yet, so much more. We are proud to introduce to you, a juice where we have already added our Raw Blend. These juices are named after our Raw Blends. The best of the best all in one. Raw Blend and Slow drink.

The mixture of our ingredients allows your body to achieve health and vitality.


Our shots are a wonderful quick and easy way to get a boost of energy on your way from A to B. Keeping in mind that it is very easy and fast to consume, the production behind these shots have been extremely challenging. Developing a flavour that is not too hot or too strong. Containing all off the good, none of the bad. Leaves you feeling satisfied and powerful.

Organic Human
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