Is fra Skarø is a series of organic ice-cream based on pure Danish-quality raw ingredients. As the name says, the ice-cream is made on Skarø, a small island in the south Funen archipelago.
We offer ice-cream for both the Danish and international markets in three categories: Gourmet ice-cream; soft-ice and protein ice cream for the health sector.
Is fra Skarø differentiates itself from other ice-creams because it is based on birch juice and sugar kelp. Birch juice and sugar kelp has an interesting history and it has remarkable properties that make it specially suitable for using in ice-cream.

Gourmet Ice-cream
Is fra Skarø’s Gourmet ice-cream range features both sorbets and dairy ice-creams. Both types contain birch juice and sugar kelp, which enhances the taste of berries, fruit and cream, while giving the ice-cream a lighter and fresher texture.
Protein ice-cream
Together with users in the health sector, Is fra Skarø has developed a series of ice-creams for patients who for various reasons have a reduced appetite. The idea behind these protein ice-creams is that they should be just as delicious and tasty as our gourmet ice-creams.
Our series of protein ice-creams is based on whey and milk, a fresh dairy product that is more like breast milk than cow's milk. Breast milk contains 80% whey protein and 20% of the cheese protein casein. In cow's milk is just the opposite.
Organic Soft-ice
Is fra Skarø have launched a series of organic soft-ice that taste of all the best of summer. Just like all the Is fra Skarø range, our soft-ice is based on birch juice and sugar kelp. With only 2% fat and based on first-class ingredients, our soft-ice is pure pleasure. It’s an ice-cream we can give to our kids with a clear conscience.

Østerhovedvej 4, Skarø
5700 Svendborg

Tel:+45 62 20 12 01