A flødebolle is a beloved Danish traditional chocolate treat, and its origin dates back more than 100 years in Danish gastronomy.
The flødebolle goes by many names; cream-kiss, foam-kiss, chocolate coated puffed cream, angel-kiss etc. But in Denmark, we call them flødeboller. The key elements of a flødebolle is chocolate and a cream similar to meringue. The cream consists of whipped egg-whites, sugar and different flavours depending on the variant. Some of the flavours could be vanilla, raspberry or liquorice. The only limit is your imagination.
The cream is coated with quality chocolate, to provide the perfect crunch and ensure a good balance between the different flavours. We have variants with both dark and white chocolate.
The Story of Ærli’
Ærli’ flødeboller is developed in my kitchen on Funen, where my lovely children helped me balance the perfect taste – with pleasure and lots of fun.
High quality and family values became the main ingredients in our flødebolle.
Right from the start I discovered that the Ærli’ flødebolle had the ability to bring people together. Family and friends – across generations.
Michael - Founder
Organic and allergy friendly
We want our flødeboller to be a gathering point and something everyone can enjoy. That’s why all of our flødeboller consists of high quality organic raw material and with variants without lactose and gluten.
NB! The word “Ærli” is the Danish word for “honest”. Because our products are made of the best ingredients, no false products, fully organic and allergy friendly.
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