Vilsund Blue

In 1986, Vilsund Muslinge Industri A/S was established, and in 2010 the Limfjord Company and Vilsund merged to form Vilsund Blue A/S, a Danish Company with roots and headquarters in Nykøbing Mors.

In 2010, Vilsund Blue A/S was the first mussel producer to have its mussel and oyster production practices MSC certified as sustainable fishing.
In 2014, 2015 and 2016, we reached the Seafood Excellence Global Awards finals, and in 2014 we were awarded the prize for our Mussel Powder, a flavour enhancer for food preparation that we make during mussel production. In 2015, Vilsund Blue A/S was honoured with the prestigious Børsens Smagspris 2015 for its Vilsund Premium Limfjord blue mussels.

When you buy mussels in a net or tray, be sure to keep them chilled (+2-7 degrees celcius) until use.
Before the mussels are packed by Vilsund Blue, they are cleaned and their "beard" (byssus) is removed; they are supplied ready for you to use in the kitchen.
Some of the mussels may be open, but it is perfectly safe to use them. When chilled, mussels go into hibernation and can open up a bit when you take them out of the package. Here´s how to Cook Limfjord mussels to perfection.

Vilsund Blue A/S

Food Parken 1

7900  Nykøbing Mors
Tel:+45 97 72 37 00