ZoZozial Coffee 

ZoZozial Coffee is a Danish family owned company based on the Island where the famous author Hans Christian Andersen was borne.
All our coffees are specialty Coffee Grade one, hand- and batch-roasted carefully in a drum roaster to ensure the optimum flavors and aromas are captured for a perfect taste and consistent quality.

All ZoZozial coffees are either organic, Fairtrade, UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certified from farmers all over the world and we know the exact origin of each coffee – to ensure sustainability, the environment, fair payment and Fair conditions.

By sourcing only quality organically certified coffees you can be sure that the coffee farmers are protected from working with harmful pesticides and ensure the coffee is free from pesticide.

Cold Brew
ZoZozial Coffee is pioneer and the leading European Cold Brew producer and have developed a wide range of products for Retail, Food Service and Food Industry.
We offer our own brand – ZoZozial Organic Cold Brew in Concentrate and Ready to Drink, as natural or flavored. 
Additionally, we offer Private Label – with development of taste as the client wishes.
Packaging options are many – glass bottles, PET bottles, Bag in Box and bulk. 

ZoZozial Cold Brew natural is made of Organic coffee and clean Danish ground water - only and nothing else – the coffee is brewed in cold water for a long period, this makes a delicious and smooth coffee taste without bitterness and sourness with natural sweetness of caramel and chocolate.


Food safety and certification

At ZoZozial we produce Cold Brew Coffee from Premium quality coffee beans, and produce under the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification – IFS for Retail - your guarantee for a consistent and uniform quality.

ZoZozial Coffee Roasters ApS

Englandsvej 8

5700  Svendborg
Tel:+45 76 40 04 40